Other Contributions

Others have contributed effort and money to the theatre through the years. As early as January, 1913, records show a long list of individual donations of money to help pay for operating expenses. There were many necessary items needed, such as the five spittoons purchased April 5, 1913, from J. A. Salzman.

On April 28, 1923, Mrs. Wieting gave an additional $1,000 to pay for new basement and foundation work, and that same year the Federated Club was promoting donations to keep the building in good condition. In her will, Mrs. Wieting left $10,000 to be set up as a trust fund with the interest to be used for the care and upkeep of the building. Actually, only $7,900 of this was received, for Mrs. Wieting had made many bequests and the estate, although large, could not cover them entirely. Original trustees of the Wieting Opera Co. were Ella W. Wieting, W. A. Dexter, P. K. Rebok, J. G. Wieting, J. F. Yothers, and H. J. Stiger.

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