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Showcase your company or organization with our on-screen advertistng!

The Wieting Theatre will provide slides based upon your individual needs; logo, lettering, color, etc. Customers may submit photos as well, subject to the Wieting approval. All customer-submitted slides are subject to alteration as deemed necessary by Wieting. All changes to be approved by customer.

Your advertising cost is based upon the guarantee that your commercial will be shown twice during pre-show prior to movie time. There are (3) three showings most weekends. Each commercial will be shown for a minimum of 15 seconds. There is no cost to you for any additional shows and matinees the Wieting may choose to run. The Wieting Theatre cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information after your slide has been approved or for any equipment failure at the Wieting. We will do our best to fix and/or replace any equipment in a timely manner. Prepaid advertisement is non-refundable.

Any questions, please email

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