The Wieting Theatre Guild is a dedicated group of members who work together in an effort to support and maintain the Wieting Theatre. Their responsibilities include: monitoring movies, general building maintenance, scheduling and booking movies, and scheduling volunteer workers.

Presently the Guild members are:

  • Denise Fletcher - President
  • Mark McFate - Vice-President and Systems Admin
  • Marie Mann - Secretary
  • Michelle Evans - Treasurer
  • RLou Snyder - Past President
  • Barb Jordan
  • Mark Tanke
  • Alan Kline
  • Lori Baier
  • Eric (Ro) Rosario
  • Leann Clemann
  • Jim Roberts
  • D. A. Boerm
  • Charles Johnson

Mark McFate maintains this website (which manages the schedule of volunteers), the computers and sound/projection systems at the Wieting.  Amy Doyle served the Guild for many years as bookeeper and continues to support theatre activities as needed.  Mary Fasse-Shaw is the Guild's live events coordinator; Steve Kenkel assists with projection, lights and sound.  

We tend to take for granted these devoted and hardworking individuals.  We want to reassure them of their importance and our gratitude for their hours spent toward the achievement of a common goal - that of keeping the Wieting Theatre facility available to our children and all adults in our communities.   Again - Many Thanks!